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The Town whose Middle Name is ‘Timeless’!

Overlooked by many travellers who visit South India, this town is home to the glorious historical legacy of the great Chola Empire. Thanks to a job that requires me to run around and travel like a headless chicken, I reached Thanjavur, one of the busiest commercial towns in Tamil Nadu, on a not-so-sultry March morning of 2017.

While heading for work that morning, I saw a few foreigners walking through the sidewalks aiming their DSLR cameras in all possible directions. They were trying to capture some fresh and offbeat angles of the town where sleeps history, while Thanjavur refused to stop for anyone. A lot of sign boards pointed to all possible routes with names of different temples, palaces and museums written on them. It didn’t take too long for me to be conscious of the fact that this place definitely had enough to hold the interest of its tourists for at least a couple of days.

While temples and its timeless architecture are Thanjavur’s middle name, paradox is beyond doubt its surname. Though the crowded town had a busy air to it, it felt like the place was not affected by the passage of time or the change in fashion whatsoever.

“The past is very much my present”, cried every nook and corner of this place and its premises. And we know that these are not words that we say in the same breath usually.

This place definitely does not hurry up but surprisingly, neither does that stop her from accomplishing anything. The natives still preferred to live in independent houses. Apartments continued to be a rare sight and even if we spotted one, they were not more than three storeyed. Having lived in cities for a long time now, getting to see the clear blue sky while not having to strain the neck because of the high-rise structures blocking the view felt like a unfamiliar happening.

Visiting the town for exactly two days and a night as part of work, we definitely did not have the time to see all the sights and landmarks of Tanjore but neither did I want to miss visiting the most eloquent edifice which showcases the power and grandeur of King Rajaraja and his Chola Empire while they were at their zenith.

The Brihadishwara Temple, also fondly called as the Big Temple, was lavish looking in every sense of the word.

I am going to type no more. Let the (unedited) pictures speak for itself!

Courtesy: My humble One Plus Two

This temple is the only structure that dominates the skyline of Thanjavur and I doubt if anything else can make the skies look prettier
Saw a lot of people gather in the park in front of the temple while some older men were taking a stroll and catching up with their friends
Did you know that the Big Temple has the UNESCO World Heritage status?




"Our daughter Jyotsna is sincere, God fearing and a person who values family and friends. In her free time, she enjoys painting and loves to travel. She is creative and likes doing things differently. She gets along well with people and respects elders. Since Jyotsna is reasonably good at cooking and managing home, she will be able to balance between family and career." Yes, you would have already guessed where I flicked this from and no, I am just a decent cook who is always ready for a gastronomic adventure! πŸ˜‰ If you didn't make a guess at it yet, this is what my parents compiled to advertise me on a matrimony website. But I would love to be someone more than just this. It was not so long ago that I started enjoying the idea of travelling but ever since I did, travelling has become all about bringing back with me a new perspective to life every time I do so.

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